2019 Final Exhibition

Friday, August 2nd, 6-9pm

Please join us for the culmination of our 8-week Program. The Artists-in-Residence will be presenting performances and readings in PJF Community Room at the top of every hour while our visual artists will be on display in the Factory Works Gallery located on the 2nd floor, Studio 9-210N. We hope you will join us in celebrating what each of our artists have brought to life.

Community Room

Following each performance and presentation the artists will participate in brief Q&A with the audience to discuss their work, their process, and answer any other questions that may arise.

Rachel Cualedare, 6pm

During the residency, I’ve found myself working deep into language—word roots, connections between words, the latent meanings of words—as I take stock of where I am. At times the solution to challenges of accurate representation has been to merge words, or to come up with new words. As a complementary practice, I’ve been translating poems by Spanish writers José Ángel Valente and Juan Ramón Jiménez: another angle of pursuing the “right word.” All with the object of insight, and for the sake of language itself.

Sheilagh Weymouth, 7pm

Sheilagh Weymouth, multiple award winning NYC actress, is thrilled to share selections from her solo performance piece DREAMS with you. This project is in development because of the generosity and support of the Pajama Factory Artist-In-Residence Program, and Sheilagh is excited to show how the seeds of these selections planted right here in early June have blossomed over two months.

Sigfried Aragona, 8pm

Mandy Mango will showcase a drag show experience full of entertainment, gags, and excitement! The Williamsport Drag Queen will stunt on the stage through lip syncing, humor, and dance; while integrating education and awareness around sexual health. It’s mango season, and Mandy Mango is ripe ripe ripe for the picking!

Factory Works Gallery, 9-210N

*Each artist presenting in the gallery will be on hand to discuss their work, their process, and answer any other questions that may arise.

Kay Leigh Farley

Kay Leigh Farley is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a resident artist at the Pajama Factory in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. She received her MFA in studio art from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and her BS in Visualization from Texas A&M University. Her work utilizes video, new media, and narrative to reveal hidden realms and private lives. At the Pajama Factory Farley has experimented with humor, performance, and the studio to create a video series. Farley has exhibited and screened work at venues including The Wrong Biennale, The Knoxville Museum of Art, and Co-Prosperity Sphere, and is in collections in the United States and Brazil.

Rowan Shaffer

Rowan is a scavenger of ideas and a collector of discarded images. I take hidden meanings from the world around me and apply them to my work. Many of these symbols are personal to me but also relate holistically to the human experience. During this residency, I explored more deeply into these symbols and learned to incorporate new into my work, focusing on invasive species and their relation to toxic people in our lives. Fiber works and printed works compare and contrast with the symbols used, working to create feelings of attraction and compulsion.

Sarah Foster

Sarah Foster is a graduate from Bloomsburg University, with a Bachelors in Studio Art and triple minors in French, Chinese, and Art History. Her studio concentrations are in Drawing and Printmaking. Her focus lies in the waterless Lithography process, producing traditional illustrations. Her artwork has been featured in various exhibitions, including her solo show, Döchas, at the Greenly Center Gallery. She plans on returning to college to continue studying language and art. In the meantime, Sarah plans on developing a more well-rounded skill-set to work in a public studio and will further explore Waterless Lithography.

Sophie Najjar

Sophie Najjar will be presenting several paintings made during her residency at the Pajama Factory. Inspired by her observations of Williamsport, and the reverie of summer in Central Pennsylvania, these works blend site-specific references of this historical American town with heightened flourishes of fantasy, wonder, and darkness.