Outreach Day

Since 2007, the Pajama Factory has been part of the movement to make Williamsport a North-Central Pennsylvania art destination. The AIR program contributes to this through an Outreach Day, where the artists-in-residence can share their craft with the local Williamsport community. For Williamsport, it provides insight into what the artists have been working on during the course of their residency and their thought process. For the artists, it is an opportunity to engage with those they may not otherwise have and inspire creative minds to pursue their own craft.

A former Artist-In-Residence addresses a group of locals during Outreach Day

What are some of the things you can experience during our Outreach Day?

  • artist talk or presentation
  • hands-on workshop or activity
  • children’s arts or crafts
  • poetry slam or storytelling

How you can support this program:

To make this day a reality, funds are still needed. $450 ensures our artists-in-residence can adequately serve our local community through supplies and support. To learn more or donate to this special day, click one of the links below.

When is outreach Day

This year, Outreach Day will be held on Friday, July 12th. There will be something for everyone, so stop by the Pajama Factory and meet our talented artists-in-residence!

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